Mayor Frank Jackson says there's a change in police culture

Mayor Frank Jackson says there's a change in police culture

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson delivered a progress report Wednesday on how the city is working to comply with mandates from the Department of Justice.

The progress report is part of the settlement between the city and the DOJ that requires the city to file a progress report twice a year on the areas that they have addressed when it comes to the Cleveland Police Department's use of force policies and procedures.

Mayor Jackson said he has been told that there has been a change in police culture since the consent decree was put into place. He also said there's been a strong emphasis on community policing with the decree.

But when asked what the everyday Clevelander will notice, the mayor did not have a clear answer.

"I think that's a better question for the general public, if they are feeling any different. We believe things are different because there is an acceptance if the fact that there will be reform. There's an acceptance of the fact that you have to behave differently and you have to receive training in certain areas, and they are not resisting that," Mayor Jackson said.

Jackson also discussed a new resource for training that current and new police officers will receive.

There is one problem, though. The new class of cadets was supposed to start training Wednesday with Ohio State Highway Patrol in Columbus, where they set the standards for training in the state. But the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association filed a restraining order that brought that to a halt.

Where the cadets will be trained was changed as part of the decree, but that means less overtime opportunities for some current police officers.

"This is a distinct change in behavior, a distinct change in overtime opportunity. It is a distinct change that we believe is good for the city as a whole," said Jackson.

The bi-annual updates are mandated by the DOJ.

"Within 180 days of the Effective Date, the City will file with the Court, with a copy to the Monitor and the DOJ, a status report. This report will delineate the steps taken by CDP during the reporting period to comply with this Agreement; CDP's Assessment of the Status of its progress; plans to correct any problems; and response to concerns raised in the Monitor's previous semi-annual report. Following this initial status report the City will file a status report every six months thereafter while this agreement is in effect."

Judge Solomon Oliver signed the Consent Decree with the Department of Justice on June 12.

Read the entire Consent Decree HERE

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