Muslim Marine sounds off on Trump's controversial plan

Muslim Marine sounds off on Trump's controversial plan

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump will not back down from his call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

The comment has fueled some backlash against Trump.

With that in mind, Saad Hamed asks for protection over his family during his daily noon prayer.

Hamed is a U.S. Marine and Muslim.

He says some blame his faith for the terrorist attacks in Paris and most recently San Bernardino, California.

"It hurts so badly because they are claiming our religion and what are they're doing is hurting our religion. They're Muslim extremists but they're not following the religion," Hamed said.

Hamed was born in Michigan and was raised on Cleveland's west side and North Olmsted.

He served for five years in the military as a Marine.

He says after the recent attacks he has noticed that some people treat him differently because he is Muslim.

"You get dirty looks especially if I go with my mom or my wife," Hamed said.

His kids are also feeling rising tension. Hamed's son Malik, a common Muslim name, begged his father to change it.

"He wanted to change his name because he was getting laughed at and messed with at school," said Hamed.

Hamed says he was bothered by Trump's call to ban Muslims from the country he sacrificed to serve and protect.

"As a Muslim it hurts me because Trump is all mixed up. He's saying whatever gets him more ratings on TV. It hurts that he's going to use my religion to further his own agenda," Hamed said.

Hamed urges those with questions to educate themselves before jumping to conclusions about Islam because of fear or distortion.

"Islam means peace, so our religion is about peace. Talk to somebody at the mosque and ask them questions and if they don't know they'll find out for you."

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