Health Alert: Study tests fish oil as treatment for dry eyes

Health Alert: Study tests fish oil as treatment for dry eyes
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(WOIO) - "Dry Eye" is one of the most common reasons people go to the eye doctor. Anyone who has it can tell you it really tests your patience. Most can tell you it's tough to find a true remedy, even at the prescription level. Now, researchers are taking a closer look at a common food supplement that might do the job.

Erlinda Soriano is part of the study, since she's been a dry eye sufferer most of her life.

"Really, really dry and gritty, and especially in the mornings when you wake up," says Soriano.

While she's tried all sorts of remedies, this study is looking to see if fish oil will work.

"It's an oil thing, of course, but really, it's anti inflammatory activities is what makes it of interest," explains Dr. Penny Asbell, who is heading the study for Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

She says previous studies looking at fish oil for dry eyes were inconclusive. This large study, however, is meant to determine its effectiveness and also learn more about dry eyes. Study volunteers get regular eye exams and are followed for an entire year.

Soriano has been taking five capsules a day, which either contain fish oil or are the placebo, olive oil.

"I think I felt a bit of difference with my dry eyes. I'm hoping I really am taking the fish oil supplement, but, I'll find out towards the end of the study," she said.

There's little downside to taking fish oil daily other than the cost, which can run into a $1,000 a year or more.

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