No snow, no business

No snow, no business
Gaffney removed the blade from his truck until snow arrives (Source: WOIO)
Gaffney removed the blade from his truck until snow arrives (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There's no business like "snow" business, but this unseasonably warm weather means some winter businesses are feeling a financial freeze.

Matthew Gaffney says he may be one of the few people in Cleveland who can't wait for the snow.

He says he remembers when the area was covered.

"Oh, this time last year we had a real early winter come. It was really bad in December. I think we had like 14-16 inches of snow already this time last year," he said.

This time last year there were some areas of Cleveland that boasted almost two feet of snow with freezing cold and bitter wind chills. The wintry weather started in October and by November, a lot of people were tapped out.

But this year, it's been unseasonably mild.

The owner of Advantage Landscape says snow plowing is his main gig, but since there's no snow, he's had to do other things.

"It's been so slow I've had to take another job from my friend Terry the Plumber," Gaffney said.

Lucky for him, he's skilled at other trades so he's not out in the cold, but the guy he employs isn't so lucky.

"I don't have much for him now and he's sitting at home right now."

Gaffney says things are so bad he took the blade off his truck. He's just waiting for the temperatures to fall.

But he hopes things will fall back into place soon enough.

"Winter's gonna come and usually in Cleveland, these nice days we pay for it later. So don't expect it to stay. Winter's gonna be here eventually, I'm sure," he said.

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