Mild weather boosts downtown businesses

Mild weather boosts downtown businesses
Constantino's Market was busy on Friday as mild temps continue this December. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Milder December weather means more traffic for downtown businesses.

The store manager for Constantino's Market on West 9th Street, Patrick Leigh, said this is usually the slow time of year. He described the lunch business as their "bread and butter," which slows dramatically when the weather gets cold and employees of downtown businesses don't feel like braving the elements.

So far, that hasn't happened this year.

"It's been steady, much better than usual. Typically this time of year, it slows down at the lunch hour, and we've seen just a consistent lunch crowd every day," said Leigh. "It's been nice. It's a good problem to have."

Since winter usually means less business, it also usually means fewer hours for employees. But this year, the market hasn't had to cut back on employee hours -- at least not yet.

"It keeps employees happy 'cause it keeps their hours up, and it keeps people coming into the store. So it's good for everybody," said Leigh.

There were only a few open tables at the market for lunch on Friday, which is not typical for December.

"It'd be not a ghost town," said Leigh, looking over his shoulder at the market. "But it wouldn't nearly be as busy as it is."

One of those tables was occupied by William Sill and his two co-workers. Sill is a construction worker and said not only would he not be eating lunch at Constantino's, he wouldn't even be working.

"I'd be at home not having any work," said Sill. "I wouldn't be getting overtime. I'm getting overtime hours the past couple of weeks. I wouldn't be getting that this time of year. I'd be short hours. So, yeah, it's a big difference."

Sill said while he actually likes winter weather, the milder temperatures mean it's a lot easier for him to pay his bills.

"It's just the weirdest December that I've ever seen," said Sill.

But both Sill and Leigh said they know the warm weather can't last forever.

"It is Cleveland. So yes, absolutely waiting for the other shoe to d rop," said Leigh.

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