Rare full Cold Moon arrives on Christmas Day, first since 1977

Rare full Cold Moon arrives on Christmas Day, first since 1977

WNEM - For the first time since 1977, the moon will reach it's full moon phase on Christmas Day. To provide a little perspective, if you're younger than 38 years of age, this will be the first time in your lifetime that the final full moon of the year has occurred on Christmas Day.

Assuming the sky conditions cooperate, the moon will be visible after sunset on Christmas Eve for those who wish to get to bed early, and it will reach it's full phase at 6:11 AM Eastern Standard Time for the early risers.

This is great news for Santa's Christmas Eve commute, keeping things nice and bright. It will also allow Rudolph to give that shiny red nose a bit of a break now and again!

Like other moons throughout the year, such as the Harvest Moon or Hunter's Moon, the December full moon has it's own nicknames. Some of the common names associated with the December moon include the Cold Moon, which is due to the colder temperatures of December, the Yuletide Moon, and the Oak Moon.

So just before you head to bed for your long winter's nap, and before you have visions of sugar plumes dancing in your head, step outside and enjoy this extra Christmas gift. If you miss out on this year's, you'll have to wait until 2034! Hopefully by then, we'll be looking at a white Christmas, too.

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