Northeast Ohio village cracks down on jaywalkers

Northeast Ohio village cracks down on jaywalkers

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - One northeast Ohio village is cracking down on jaywalkers and if you get caught, it will cost you.

A lot of people were shopping for the holidays in Chagrin Falls on Friday night. But one warning before you hit that historic town square: Police are cracking down on jaywalkers.

Whether it's the Christmas lights or to do a little window shopping, there's always plenty to see in the village. What police don't want to see is anyone jaywalking.

It didn't take long for our camera to catch people jaywalking in the center of town, where there's plenty of people on foot and lots of traffic.

"Okay, we won't jaywalk again," said one couple who was visiting.

"Basically, we're trying to inform the public and encourage them to have safer behaviors," explained Officer Michael Baldwin.

If you're watching the signals or following the law, police say you have nothing to worry about because this is not about increasing revenues but rather raising safety awareness. That's why if you jaywalk the first time, you'll get a red warning card. If you get caught a second time, you could get up to a $150 fine.

"I think it's time we cracked down on the jaywalking and unsafe pedestrian practices," said resident Bill Ashby.

Plenty of other residents we spoke with agree and feel those walking need to pay more attention, especially in the center of town.

Chagrin Falls was originally built as a horse and buggy town. You'll still see them there during the holidays. But with its historic buildings so close to the street and cars parked in front, it's difficult to know when someone will step off the sidewalk.

"We have enough crosswalks. People can find a crosswalk," said resident Elle Ashby.

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