Planned Parenthood files suit after allegations of fetal tissue mishandling

Planned Parenthood files suit after allegations of fetal tissue mishandling

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - Planned Parenthood has filed a federal lawsuit against Ohio's health director after allegations that the organization improperly disposed of fetal tissue.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood earlier this year. DeWine claims that while his office found no evidence that fetal tissue was being sold, the investigation revealed that aborted fetuses from three Planned Parenthood affiliates were ultimately disposed of in landfill sites.

Those affiliates include Bedford Heights, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Planned Parenthood officials deny the allegations.

Stephanie Kight, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio released this statement Sunday:

"The reality is that we handle medical tissue just like other health care providers do, and we always have. We're inspected regularly to ensure that we're handling fetal tissue properly and legally. Politicians in Ohio will stop at nothing to ban abortion in all cases in our state. Today, we're asking a federal court to prevent the state from this plainly political attempt to restrict women's access to safe and legal abortion."

DeWine referred his findings to the Ohio Department of Health for further action.

The Director of Health has asked the Attorney General's office to apply for an injunction against the three Ohio Planned Parenthood facilities.

DeWine said Friday that lawyers are now preparing a legal action, which will be filed in a court of common pleas.

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