Z Files: Kosar praises Manziel, blasts Gabbert

Z Files: Kosar praises Manziel, blasts Gabbert

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Bernie Kosar knows quarterbacks as well as anyone, and Sunday night, on the "SportsZone" on Cleveland 19, he praised one and bashed the other while analyzing Johnny Manziel and Blaine Gabbert. 

Kosar's issue with Gabbert, the 49'ers quarterback who was under siege by the Browns defense on Sunday, is that the 5th year pro made decisions that hurt his team but helped his stats. Specifically, Gabbert's decision to scramble for a three-yard loss late in the third quarter, rather than throw the ball away.

"This is something where maybe it's the younger generation, but...outside the pocket, outside the hashmarks, you can throw the football away," Kosar said. "For him to run out of bounds and make it 3&18...because he probably doesn't want to take an incompletion for his statistics, is sinful. That's a disgrace to us quarterbacks."

Gabbert was also sacked nine times, something a Browns defense hadn't done in a game in 22 years.

"I've got to find a way to get rid of the ball," Gabbert admitted after the game.

I asked Kosar is Gabbert simply thought he was faster than he really is. Bernie wasn't buying it.

"What you think and what you can do are sometimes completely different things in life. I would like to give him (Gabbert) the benefit of the doubt, but he knew he wasn't going to get away from the rushers coming at him. You have to throw the football away. I'm not the marketing rep for Johnny Manziel, but about five minutes after that play (Gabbert's three-yard loss), Johnny had a similar-type play, and you saw him throw the ball away."

The play Kosar is referring to came in the fourth, when Manziel, on a 3&6, threw it away rather than take a sack inside the 49'ers' ten yard line. The 49'ers were called for defensive holding on the play, and the Browns ended up scoring a touchdown on Isaiah Crowell's three-yard run two plays later.

Overall, Kosar praised Manziel's performance. Johnny completed 21 of 31 for 270 yards, and as Bernie pointed out, also had a lot of help.

"He definitely played good. Let's not debate whether he was good or bad. He was good," Kosar said on "SportsZone". "The whole team played good football. When you have a running game like that, when you have a physical presence like that, when you have a quarterback under control like that...the playcalling was excellent...if it confirms anything that we've done on "Tailgate19" or "SportsZone" this year, it's that physical play at the line of scrimmage is what it takes to win a game."

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