Z Files: Week 14 Report Card

Z Files: Week 14 Report Card

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Grading these guys after a win over the 49'ers is like grading on a curve. The Niners are that bad. But...The Browns had a chance to prove that they're NOT the worst team in football, and they did. Decisively. So let's start with Johnny.

The most impressive part of his game on Sunday? His patience. Running was a last option for him, but when he had to, he took off. And it wasn't just about running. Most times, it was about extending plays, before delivering a strike. 21 of 31 for 270 was impressive, but more than the numbers, the poise. Yep, he made one blatant mistake, the interception that led to a few big hits...to his tablet. But the tablet is fine, and so is Johnny. He's taking home a "B+".

Isaiah Crowell had more than a little to do with Manziel's day, because for the first time this season, he was off and running. A 50-yard dash in the first quarter, a 54-yarder in the fourth, and 145 yards overall. Factor in the two touchdowns, and the Crow is feasting on an "A".

And the offensive line had everything to do with that. They did give up two sacks, but pushed the Niners around all afternoon, to the tune of 481 total yards. It's been a tough year for this group, but this week, they team up for an "A+".

One other guy at the head of the class, Brian Hartline, who gave us everything on Sunday, including his collarbone. That injury ended his season, but not before he pulled in 8 passes for 107 yards.

What could be better? Uh, field goal protection. For the third straight game, they had one blocked. Put it on Cam Erving and Danny Shelton up front, or Travis Coons' trajectory, but either way, the special teams aren't so special. I'm giving 'em a "D".

Finally, the coaches. I've hit 'em hard when they've failed miserably, but on this day, against this team, they won the battle. Especially on defense. The Browns hadn't racked up 9 sacks in a game in 22 years. Credit the coaches, and ring up another "A".

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