Neighbors work to restore park to former grandeur

Neighbors work to restore park to former grandeur

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland community is working to restore a park named in the memory of a woman who was murdered on her way home from work.

Julie Donaldson lives in the community surrounding Helen Simpson Park at South Moreland Boulevard and Buckeye Road.

Helen Simpson's case has never been solved.

Now, neighbors the Ludlow community want to bring this park back to its former grandeur, to the respectable place it used to be to honor Simpson.

"We want to make it safe again where people walk their dogs, seniors can sit on the benches and have a good quality of life," Donaldson said.

Simpson was one of the first African Americans in Cleveland television, working behind the scenes as an advertising and promotions manager.

Donaldson says Simpson was a shining example of achievement, and that is why this group of Ludlow residents came together to redo the park.

"There were dilapidated park benches. They were removed and hopefully the city will bring them back. We also noticed that over here, there is a damaged light post and we'd like to have that removed or replaced," Donaldson described.

Donaldson also wants a bronze plate of Simpson restored.

"We want to honor Helen Simpson for all that she was and all that she is and stood for and be a part of renaissance that happening here in this area," Donaldson said.

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