Former Pepper Pike officer charged with rape, stalking

Former Pepper Pike officer charged with rape, stalking
Jeffery L. Martin (Source: Bedford Police Dept.)

PEPPER PIKE, OH (WOIO) - A former Pepper Pike police officer accused of stalking and rape has a long history of misconduct allegations both on the job and off, Cleveland 19 uncovered Tuesday.

Jeffrey Martin, 55, was arrested on Monday by detectives from the Bedford Police Department, U.S. Marshals and Aurora Police Department. Pepper Pike Police are also assisting in the investigation.

Martin has been charged with one count of rape and one count of menacing by stalking.

Cleveland 19 obtained a copy of the incident report from the Bedford Police Department. The report is dated Dec. 7 and states that Martin is a "former boyfriend" of the alleged victim. The report states that Martin "raped her and had been stalking her." It goes on to say that Martin was at the department when she filed the compliant against him because he had apparently followed her from her home.

According to the document, Martin had nothing to say about the allegations against him.

On Tuesday, Cleveland 19 obtained Martin's personnel file from the Pepper Pike Police Department. Martin was a police officer for the department from 1991 through 2014. The file, which is more than an inch thick, details several incidents and shows that Martin was suspended four times throughout his time as an officer.

The file shows a 1996 police report from Twinsburg Falls, in which Martin was arrested for an alleged assault. Martin was accused of getting into a fight with a former girlfriend. The report says the woman had "swelling and redness under her left eye." The report states that Martin had a scratch on his face, as well as on his arms, after the alleged assault. The charges were eventually dismissed.

Martin was later accused of inappropriately using his badge off the clock. He was given a 30-day suspension for that offense.

The final accusation made against him as a police officer was in 2014. A woman complained that after Martin responded to her house for a police call, he kept coming back. A document in his file states that the woman complained she was "freaked out" by Martin, and said he was "stalking her" and would show up at her home "unwelcome and uninvited."

There was an internal investigation into that allegation. Martin denied doing anything inappropriate but resigned before a hearing on the matter took place.

Cleveland 19 went by Martin's home on Tuesday and saw a fire was burning inside and dogs were home, but no one came to the door.

Martin is expected to be in court on Wednesday for the rape and stalking charges.

Police believe there could be more victims. If you feel you were victimized by Martin, contact the Bedford Police Department at (440) 232-3408.

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