Who is Frank Garmback, the officer in Tamir Rice shooting?

Who is Frank Garmback, the officer in Tamir Rice shooting?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The lives of two Cleveland Police officers forever changed on Nov. 22, 2014.

Cleveland Police Officer Frank Garmback III and Officer Timothy Loehmann were the two officers who responded to a male waving a gun outside Cudell Recreation Center.

Cleveland Police Officer Frank Garmback III, 48, was paired up with rookie CPD Officer Timothy Loehmann, 27, on the day of the Tamir Rice shooting. Garmback was behind the wheel of the police cruiser and Officer Loehmann fired the fatal shot to Tamir Rice, 12.

Who is Timothy Loehmann?

Officer Frank Garmback III is a decorated police officer who has served the City of Cleveland for seventeen years. He is married with children, one of whom is also a Cleveland Police officer.

Officer Garmback has a personnel file chocked full of commendations as well as a medal of heroism for shooting and arresting an armed robbery suspect back in 2011.

He was described by his supervisor as a "hard working officer that is proving to be an asset to the division." The only blemish on his record, was an excessive force lawsuit filed after the pursuit of a murder suspect in 2010 near the Cleveland/Lakewood border.

The City of Cleveland settled the suit, and wrote a check to the woman for $100,000.

The shooting of Tamir Rice has framed the debate over police policies and training, and fueled the angst over race relations in the city of Cleveland.

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