Police: Hudson man investigated after exposing himself to newspaper deliverywoman

Police: Hudson man investigated after exposing himself to newspaper deliverywoman

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - A man turned himself in to authorities after two local departments investigated multiple reports of public indecency.

According to the police report, the initial victim is a delivery driver for the Akron Beacon Journal and mostly delivers papers in Hudson. Her routine is to deliver papers weekday mornings between 5 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., plus on weekends approximately one hour later. As a result, many of her customers expect to see her at a certain time and will meet her at the end of their driveway to receive their newspaper.

Around 6:45 a.m. on Nov. 7, the victim said she was delivering papers on Glen Echo Drive and neighboring streets. During one of her deliveries on Glen Echo, she was met at the street by a middle-aged, white man in plaid, flannel pajamas, who routinely waited for his paper.

After she stopped at the end of the driveway, the victim spoke with the man while reaching into her backseat to retrieve his newspaper. As she turned back around to hand him his paper, she said she saw him fully exposing himself out the front opening of his pajama bottoms.

Since it was dark at the time, the victim said she was unsure if the man walked down the driveway with his genitals exposed or if he exposed himself while she turned around in her car to retrieve his paper.

During the interaction, the victim reported he acted as he normally did. He never made any sexually suggestive comments or gestures, nor did he touch himself.

After she handed over the newspaper, the victim says she drove off to continue her route and contacted her supervisor.

Although the supervisor asked her to file a police report, the victim did not want to file charges because she was unsure if it was an accident or on purpose. As a delivery driver, the victim says she has often seen men in pajamas, as well as accidental exposures on more than one occasion.

Later, Hudson Police met with the man to gather more information on the incident.

John Campanelli confirmed he met with the newspaper delivery driver at the end of his driveway that morning. Police say when he was told he was exposed during their interaction, Campanelli replied that he was "absolutely mortified." He told police he had just woke up prior to the incident and he never intended to expose himself. He asked if he could send an apology to the driver and appeared to be remorseful.

According to the police report, the supervisor switched the victim's delivery route to avoid any future issues.

On Nov. 16, Hudson Police were contacted by Aurora Police, who were investigating Campanelli for a similar offense. According to police, two women at an indoor pool reported lewd acts performed by Campanelli. One woman, a lifeguard, told Aurora Police Campanelli exposed himself outside of the men's locker room and said something similar to "come inside here [the locker room] if you want more of this."

Another woman approached the sergeant while he was speaking with the lifeguard and reported that Campanelli would often be in the pool while she was swimming and fondle himself while he watched her swim. The sergeant advised charges were pending against him.

After Hudson Police explained Aurora Police's investigation to the original victim, she decided to provide a written statement and said she would cooperate with Campanelli's prosecution.

After obtaining her statement, a warrant was issued for Campanelli on a misdemeanor charge of public indecency.

Around 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 21, Hudson Police spoke with Campanelli on the phone and urged him to turn himself in on the pending charge.

Police say he was very emotional during the conversation, and revealed he had been in therapy to address this issue. He told police he was sexually abused at a young age, which led to this behavior. Combined with his recent work stress, he said that he had "acted out" in both incidents. Campanelli apologized for his behavior and said he was concerned about the effect these criminal cases would have on his family.

About an hour later, police say Campanelli turned himself in and was booked without incident. He was provided a copy of the charge and given a court date.

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