Fallout from a Carl Monday overtime investigation

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A shake-up Tuesday, in the Cleveland Division of Waste Collection following Carl Monday's investigation into time card abuse.

The City wasted no time in disciplining employees involved in the abuses, documented by Monday and his team.  The shake-up which was announced Tuesday goes all the way to the top of the Division.

Randell Scott has been reassigned to another undisclosed position with the City.
Scott's demotion comes just weeks after Carl Monday revealed the city was spending a million dollars a year in overtime for trash collection, more than double the budgeted amount.

The overages were due, in part, to waste collectors like Tyronza Smith.  Monday's undercover cameras caught Smith routinely charging the City up to four hours of overtime, on days he was conducting personal business for much of his shift.
Last Friday, the city fired Smith after a disciplinary hearing.  But, an internal investigation revealed Smith wasn't the only one.  Waste collection foremen, Michael Maldonado and Tori Horn, have also been fired, as well as Assistant Waste Superintendent, Timothy Owens.  Waste employee Jeremy Johnson was also terminated.

Another foreman and a driver received ten day suspensions, and two waste collectors received written reprimands. Superintendent Anthony Ludwig also received a written reprimand.
All those disciplined either participated in the time card abuse, knew about it, or in the case of now, former Commission Scott, should have.

When Carl tried to interview Scott, he told him that he knew nothing of the time card abuses going on at the E. 55th and Carnegie garage, where his own office is located.
Assistant Director of Public Works, Paul Barnett, has been named Interim Commissioner of Waste.

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