Dozens of dogs up for adoption at Cleveland kennel

Dozens of dogs up for adoption at Cleveland kennel
Many of the dogs up for adoption are pit bull mixes. (Source: WOIO)
Many of the dogs up for adoption are pit bull mixes. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's the time of year when no creature should be without the security of a good home. There are nearly 60 dogs in Cleveland, who need a soft couch, a warm fire, and endless treats to make their holiday wishes come true.

"We're hoping to get them into good homes," said Ed Jamison, manager of the Cleveland City Kennel.

He says they have too many dogs wanting and needing a loving home for the holidays. Jamison says most of the dogs are pit bull mixes that came in as strays off the street. Still, he says their loud bark is worse than their potential bite.

"They've all been put through temperament, evaluation, everything that's available. So, to our knowledge, they're really good dogs," he explained.

Apparently, dog lover Randy Steward walked into the kennel at the right time. He loves pit bulls.

"I have an older pit right now that's well trained, well behaved and I don't breed them to fight. I want this one to go along with my other one as just a companion," said Steward.

Steward swears by the breed, which he says often gets a bad wrap for being violent.

"I've had pits ever since I was younger. I've bred them. Like I said, I don't raise them to fight," he said.

You can scroll through a list of dogs available for adoption online. Jamison says the easiest way to find a pet is to make an appointment to mingle.

"If they have a dog, we want them to bring their dogs down, so we can make sure the dogs get along. We're trying to make the process very easy. For the rest of the month, it's only $51 to get the license, the micro chip, all the shots. You can't beat that, as far as price goes," said Jamison.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, there were 58 dogs in need of a forever home.

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