'Shop With A Cop' brings Christmas to kids early

'Shop With A Cop' brings Christmas to kids early

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - This is a very special Christmas for 5-year-old Mikey Reese and his mother Angel Flores.

They are participating in Shop with A Cop, sponsored by the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association.

Shopping with them is one of the first police officers to come to their aid when Mikey was injured in a suspected child abuse case.

"They all love Mikey so much and they are still with us. No matter what," Angel said.

Doctors didn't think Mikey would survive when he showed up at the hospital with his skull cracked.

Twelve brain surgeries later, people are calling him a miracle child.

Cleveland Police Officer Brian Charney shopped with Mikey at the Target store in Steelyard Commons.

"I have never seen a little boy this tough. To see him like nothing is wrong. Smiles at everyone. The littlest thing goes wrong in our lives and we are miserable. You think about him and everything he has been through and it seems like it doesn't affect him," Charney said.

To Mikey's family, the Cleveland Police are Santa Claus and their guardian angel all rolled into one.

"It means everything for us. CPD has been there for us from the beginning. When there job was done and they still are," Angel said.

The main suspect in Mikey's abuse case goes to trial next month.

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