CLE police cadets begin training in Columbus

CLE police cadets begin training in Columbus

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the first time ever, Cleveland Police Cadets are training outside of the city.

The cadets boarded a bus and headed to Columbus Wednesday morning. They will become the next link in the long blue line of the Cleveland Police Department.

A total of 50 recruits make up the 135th cadet class. This is the first class to be trained by the Highway Patrol in Columbus.

They arrived at the Municipal parking lot before dawn for the trip south. It began with a no nonsense greeting, especially for a recruit who showed up late.

He apologized.

"Sorry ma'am, sorry sir" to officers checking in the recruits. He was greeted with "You are sorry."

There was a short time for a good bye to family, then on the bus Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams gave them some advice "Good luck, hang in there and we need you all. All right guys, have a great trip."

They shouted back "Yes, sir."

The move to Columbus almost didn't happen. A judge sided with the city this week to allow CPD to move the training to Columbus.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety retained a grant that offered free basic training to 50 Cleveland police cadets.

But not all appointed made the trip.

As Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Steve Loomis feared, eight cadets out of the first 50 chosen decided going to Columbus was a deal breaker.

They were replaced by eight others.

Latonya Abdul Rasheed's daughter chose to go, and she thinks being away is a good thing.

"It doesn't bother me, she'll be away from what's going on here so, it's probably better you know, focused and not distracted," Rasheed said.

Chief Williams said they'll leave Cleveland each Sunday afternoon and return on Friday night after classes.

"So they'll have a day and a half with their families and then they'll hopefully be laser focused on getting through this academy and then coming back here to Cleveland," Chief Williams said.

Now that the debate over training in Columbus is over, Chief Williams said the recruits will go a long way in helping staffing during what promises to be a busy summer.

"Our attrition rate is between 65 and 80 officers a year, these 50 will definitely help us. We hope to get them out on the streets before the convention," Chief Williams said.

The decision, to move training to Columbus, frees up Cleveland Police Academy trainers to work with current officers on training and preps for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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