$1M bond for retired police officer charged with rape, stalking

$1M bond for retired police officer charged with rape, stalking
Jeffery L. Martin in court at his arraignment. (Source: WOIO)
Jeffery L. Martin (Source: Bedford Police Dept.)
Jeffery L. Martin (Source: Bedford Police Dept.)

PEPPER PIKE, OH (WOIO) - A former Pepper Pike police officer accused of raping and stalking his ex-girlfriend was given a $1 million bond.

Bedford Judge Brian J. Melling initially denied bond for Jeffrey Martin, 55, at his arraignment Wednesday, but said once all his weapons were turned in, Martin's bond would be set at $1 million.

Martin's attorney, David Snow, told Cleveland 19 that all the weapons were turned over and photographed by the Bedford Police Department.

"He's not a flight risk at all and the charges are false," Snow told the judge.

Melling disagreed with the attorney's assessment of his client's flight risk, saying during the proceeding that if convicted, "[Martin] may very well be spending the rest of his life in prison which is a substantial reason under the law for flight."

The judge also gr anted a temporary protection order to the victim, who we are not identifying.

The victim did not show up to court to request the order. Detective Buck Kidd from the Bedford Police Department asked the judge on her behalf.

"The victim was raped in the month of September 2014 by Mr. Martin and since then he has held her in abject fear of him by stalking her," Kidd told the judge.

Court documents state Martin allegedly raped the victim in 2014 in her bedroom. He's charged with allegedly stalking her a year later. Documents state over the past few months he allegedly followed the victim to a party Parma, to a Woodmere Whole Foods Market, and to Ursuline College.

On the campus documents allege the former police officer allegedly tricked campus security into thinking he was a private investigator in order to get to his victim.

"She's deathly afraid of him for her own safety and on behalf of the Bedford police department we are afraid for her safety too," said Kidd.

Mike Winlock, a friend of Martin's was in the courtroom Wednesday. He said he showed up to support his friend of 30 years, and thought that Martin told other family members to stay away from the proceedings.

"As long as I've known him he's been upstanding, always on point, very helpful to his community. This is a tragedy not only for him but for his family as well as his friends so I know he wants to see his day in court," Winlock said.

Martin's attorney said he expected his client to post bond Thursday or Friday. The case will now go to a grand jury.

Martin has a long history in law enforcement.

He worked for the East Cleveland Police Department but retired from Pepper Pike. He resigned in 2014 after a woman complained that Martin kept showing up at her house.

A document in his personnel file stated that the woman complained she was "freaked out" by Martin, and said he was "stalking her" and would show up at her home "unwelcome and uninvited."

There was an internal investigation into that allegation, Martin denied doing anything inappropriate but resigned before a hearing on the matter took place.

Authorities believe more people, other than Martin's ex-girlfriend, may have been victimized.

If you believe you were victimized by Martin, contact the Bedford Police Department at (440) 232-3408.

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