5 Dept. of Waste employees fired after Monday's hidden investigation

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Outrage. That was Mayor Jackson's reaction to a Carl Monday investigation into the city's Division of Waste.  The city followed up with an investigation of its own and handed down discipline that was rapid, and in most cases, severe.

Carl Monday spoke with Chief of Operations, Darnell Brown, Wednesday morning.

"I was incensed. I mean the fact that somebody would be that open, that cavalier about doing their own personal business, while being paid by the City of Cleveland. That's ridiculous," Brown said.

As Monday's hidden cameras showed, waste collector Tyronza Smith routinely clocked in at the waste garage, then abandoned his job for as long as seven hours. Then Smith charged the city up to four hours overtime.

After an internal probe by the city, Smith was fired. Four others were also fired, including foremen or acting foremen, Michael Maldanodo and Toni Horn.

"They make assignments, they make the routes, they check the timesheets. Someone was signing off for as if he was at work, and that wasn't occurring,"  said Brown.

Five other employees were disciplined, including waste commissioner, Randell Scott, who's now been reassigned to his former position at the Department of Public Works.

Brown also confirmed the information obtained from the investigations has been turned over to public safety officials to see if any crimes were committed.

"Wherever that leads us, we'll pursue it," said Brown.

As a result of Monday's investigation, Brown said new time card and oversight procedures are already being put in place.

"Our job, our responsibility on a daily basis is to provide a quality service, and to be efficient with our service delivery, and be sure we get a day's work for a day's pay," Brown added.

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