Mike Pettine explains why Dwayne Bowe hasn't played much

Pettine on Dwayne Bowe

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine was asked about Dwayne Bowe's playing time and why he hasn't been on the field.

""There is frustration I am sure on both ends that it hasn't worked out as we had hoped, that he did fall behind. As I have said, each week is a separate story line, a separate set of circumstances that we evaluate. In more weeks than not, he was not in the group of receivers that we were going to have up. A big part of it is that he only plays the one spot, which is the X, which (WR) Travis (Benjamin) has occupied that spot and played at a high level for most of the year. Our other guys know multiple positions. Again, it is tough. I know he is frustrated that it hasn't worked out. That is a week-to-week decision that we make. We hit the reset button and talk about who are the guys that we are going to have up and what spots they are going to play. Usually, it is multiple spots. Then I always use the phrase 'we backfill' from a special teams standpoint," Pettine told media on Wednesday.

The Browns signed the wide receiver to a two-year. $9 million contract in the offseason.

Bowe has three catches for 31 yards on the season. Bowe has only appeared in five of the 13 games.

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