Hopkins Airport lands last on satisfaction ranking

Hopkins Airport lands last on satisfaction ranking
Cleveland Hopkins Airport will add new airlines, flights and destinations. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport ranks last among the top 34 medium-sized airports in North American, according to a new report released Wednesday by J.D. Power.

The study measures overall traveler satisfaction based on five factors in order of importance:

  • airport accessibility
  • security check
  • baggage claim
  • check-in/baggage check
  • terminal shopping

On a 1,000 point scale, Hopkins' score was 698, compared to Dallas Love Field, which was the top ranked medium-sized airport with 792 points.

The report cites a "cultural shift" at airports across the country, putting emphasis on terminal facilities, which the study says have the greatest impact on overall airport satisfaction. Facilities include everything from restaurants to seating near gates.

The study was conducted between September and October 2015.

Hopkins' Interim Director Fred Szabo released a statement addressing the report:

"The recent JD Power report results are not unexpected. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is in the midst of a major renovation project and low satisfaction ratings are expected when passengers are required to negotiate confusing traffic patterns and limited access points. Our satisfaction ratings have been consistently increasing in the recent past and we expect them to recover significantly once the construction is completed. Although the current construction project challenging, the end result will be well worth it."


  • Younger travelers are more satisfied and spend more money in airports
  • Overall satisfaction is highest among travelers who combine both business and leisure/personal travel
  • Airport accessibility satisfaction is highest among travelers who get to the airport using ride share
  • Satisfaction is lowest among those who receive a ride from friend, family member or colleague

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