Out of the Box: counselor boosts confidence on the dance floor

Out of the Box: counselor boosts confidence on the dance floor

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Dave Bostwick is a counselor at the Center For Effective Living in Rocky River.

The 53-year-old is used to helping others with their challenges, so he knows what it's like to face your fears, go outside your comfort zone.

But, when it comes to his personal life, dancing is something he definitely shies away from.

"I think internally it's not something that I would ordinarily feel comfortable and I think a lot of guys like myself, we don't like to look foolish or feel foolish," Dave says.

But Dave is deciding to challenge himself by stepping into the Dance Centre in Rocky River.

Heidi Glynias is the owner with an impressive resume. She was on the Cleveland Cavaliers Dance Team and coached the dance team for a season.

Heidi danced with Sister Sledge and even performed in New York.

Dave agreed to a one-on-one hip hop session with Heidi, something he's never done before.

Heidi starts slow with a few basics to get Dave comfortable.

"This helps us get warmed up and get into the groove of the music," Heidi explains. "Bounce a little with it. You even got your hands going with it. That's awesome."

A few minutes into the class Heidi steps Dave's hip hop skills up a bit, teaching him the popular "whip and nae nae."

Halfway through the class it's time to let loose and do a little freestyling. To really get Dave to feel the part, how about a cap tilted to the side?

Letting loose with a little swagger, Dave says he feels a little more confident with his dancing skills.

"I'll get out there and show off my new moves, I suppose," Dave says.

"He just came in here and did his thing and I know he was probably a little nervous, but, he's like 'okay let's do this' and he did a really great job. I was really proud of him," Heidi says.

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