Ohio sees spike in skimming cases

Ohio sees spike in skimming cases

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Ohio State Highway Patrol is warning people over the holidays that a crime ring possibly out of Cuba is in Ohio ripping off drivers.

They use an identity theft device called a skimmer. Pump your next full tank and hours later you could have a serious problem with your credit card.

So how do the crooks tamper with the pump to install a skimmer?

"There are two ways of doing it. Unlock the actual gas pump itself and install the device inside or it's something you put on top of the card reader itself that it will actually skim before it actually hits the card reader," says Jeremy Schoeman of Secure State.

Here's how you can tell a pump has been tampered with before you swipe your credit card.

"The skimmers will come off the pumps a little bit and the first thing you look for is most gas pumps will have an anti-tampering tape. It's a red tape. You see that and it's messed up any way at all. Just head right inside and notify the teller immediately," Schoeman says.

So far the thieves have hit seven counties in southern Ohio. And it could get worse.

In a recent statewide sweep of gas stations in Florida, 81 skimmers were found.

"The second thing I normally due is I actually shake the card reader itself. If it moves in again in anyway then go inside and tell the teller," Schoeman says.

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