Man convicted with Jimmy Dimora wants lighter sentence

Man convicted with Jimmy Dimora wants lighter sentence

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Michael Gabor, the man who rolled the dice and stood trial with Jimmy Dimora during Cuyahoga County's corruption investigation, wants out of prison. He's made a motion to have his sentence reduced after serving just over three years.

Court filings by Gabor give a fascinating look at behind-the-scenes dealings that led to his and Dimora's convictions.

Gabor was Dimora's driver, pal, confidant and pimp.

A jobseeker, who had a tryst with Dimora, was heard at trial on FBI wiretap recordings asking Dimora, "Did Michael already get the room?" Followed by Dimora's reply, "Yeah, we're all set."

Gabor filed a motion under U.S. Code 2255, which reads "to correct sentences by a person in federal custody." Plain and simple: He wants to have his 10-year sentence lowered.

After his conviction, the court ruled he was responsible for a $213,000 loss to taxpayers, thus the sentence. At the time, Gabor's lawyer, Leif Christman, complained.

"I would have liked to have my own trial, you know? Dimora is a large man. He casts a large shadow. We couldn't get out of the way of his shadow," said Christman.

But there was a way.

Documents attached to Gabor's filing included a plea offer from the government made before trial. In it, Prosecutor Antoinette Bacon hints if he were to plead guilty, cooperate and testify against others, he would spend roughly five years locked up. Since he refused, he got double.

There is more evidence that Gabor could have cut a deal in an earlier communication with Gabor's previous lawyer.

FBI agent Michael Massey is quoted as saying, "Does Michael Gabor want to sit between Frank and Jimmy at the trial table or does he want to jump shop now and cut his losses?"

Frank Russo jumped ship and testified. Gabor sat with Dimora at the trial table and lost big time.

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