Meet the Parents: easing that holiday stress

Meet the Parents: easing that holiday stress

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many couples choose the holidays to introduce their significant other to the family, which can be extremely stressful for many people.

Relationship coach Chris Marvel is the author of "Love Laws: Rules of Love and Relationships in the 21st Century."

He suggests tips that can get you through the big event and help you to make a good impression.

Marvel says it's best to bring a gift like a bottle of wine or a book.

"Maybe mom or dad loves to read, or a subtle bottle of wine, or a candle, nothing expensive, but just something that shows you thought about them" Marvel says.

When dinner is served, Marvel advises avoiding controversial conversation.

"Stay away from politics and religion. Don't be the guy that says 'I'm so against Trump' because dad may be the biggest supporter of that guy," Marvel says.

Marvel also says it's best to offer to help clean up after the party or meal.

"Even if they say no, nothing says 'future' like being selfless."

In addition to dressing appropriately for the gathering Marvel says the most important thing you can do is be nice to everyone.

"Treat everyone as though they're head of the family because you don't know if it's auntie or the quiet niece in the corner. You treat everyone nice because you're trying to make a good impression," Marvel said.

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