Simple tricks to stop crooks from spoiling your holiday cheer

Simple tricks to stop crooks from spoiling your holiday cheer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The holiday season is prime time for crooks.

They target homes and people filled with holiday cheer.

But there are things you can do to try to protect yourself and your family from someone with bad intentions.

Home alarms are one way to keep the bad guys out.

At Sievers Security in Cleveland, experts say installing a basic system with motion sensors and a two-way voice security system to use when you're away from your house can help.

"I can actually go down here to my automation events. If I want to I can actually turn my lamp on right now," says Mark Waniewski. "Prevention is the most important. If you don't have a system now, who's to say you don't get broken into tomorrow then regret the decision of not having a system."

Experts say you should keep your Christmas tree and gifts out of view from the street so thieves don't get a peek in.

And when it comes to packages left on your doorstep, have a neighbor keep an eye on them for you, or ask the sender to require your signature to receive them.

You can even install a security camera to capture who comes and goes.

Trim the bushes around your house so they don't shield someone who is up to no good.

It may sound silly but make sure your windows and doors are locked, limiting easy access inside.

Make sure your home is well lit.

Installing a basic alarm system can cost around $100 with monthly payments of about $20.

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