Free Shipping Day promises more deliveries

Free Shipping Day promises more deliveries

(WOIO) - Procrastinators rejoice! There's a holiday dedicated to making shopping easy for you.

Dec. 18 is Free Shipping Day and about 1,800 hundred stores, including Target and Walmart, have promised online shoppers free delivery by Christmas Eve for any in-stock item.

With a deal like that, the U.S. Postal Service is sure to stay busy during its most demanding season.

This year, the USPS projects that between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, it will have sent 541 million pieces of mail a day.

On Friday, there was a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot at the Orange Avenue Post Office.

Customer Anthony Tabb says with the holidays, most of the post office locations he's visited have been swamped.

"It's been busy, very busy. Today I've been in two post offices and there's about 10 people in each line," said Tabb.

David Williams had his hands full with gifts for out-of-state family. He says he wishes he had known about Free Shipping Day, but mentions the post office is working to make the holidays less stressful.

"They've had a lot of clerks there though, so the lines are moving pretty smooth," said Williams.

But this may be the calm before the storm. The USPS expects its biggest shipping day will be on Monday, Dec. 21, right about when all those Free Shipping Day orders will be processed.

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