Judge denies injunction to stop closure of Lakewood Hospital

Judge denies injunction to stop closure of Lakewood Hospital

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Judge Stuart Friedman has denied a preliminary injunction that would have stopped the Lakewood City Council from voting to close Lakewood Hospital.

The Lakewood City Council will have a third and final reading and a vote on the new plan for Lakewood Hospital Monday night.

The new plan includes closing Lakewood Hospital, making way for the Cleveland Clinic to build a $34 million Wellness Center and 24 hour ER. The Clinic would also give $7 million to the city to redevelop or tear down the current hospital that will be vacated.


  • More personalized, responsive care and services for residents based on comprehensive research into community health needs
  • Location of a modern family health center that creates more value for the downtown district and increases economic development
  • Continued access to emergency services in a fully staffed emergency department open 24/7/365
  • Creates a unique community health foundation forging a long-term partnership of elected officials, civic leaders, health care providers and others to ensure appropriate and innovative health services
  • Holds health care providers accountable for effective programs that improve patient outcomes
  • More flexibility in the use of community assets, with increased opportunity to develop city-owned property.
  • The promise of a vibrant new downtown district to attract employers
  • Meets the special needs of the community’s diverse population
  • Reassurances for current employees of Lakewood Hospital

Lakewood's Law Director Kevin Butler has been supportive of the sale.

"It's the best result we could have received under the circumstances. We also recognize the city of Lakewood has a passion for Lakewood Hospital that's deserved," Butler said.

The group "Save Lakewood Hospital" has filed a $400 million lawsuit and wants to keep the hospital open.

Supporters say they are disappointed with Monday's ruling against a temporary injunction. They say they will appeal.

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