Santa's FastPass pushes folks to the front of the line

Santa's FastPass pushes folks to the front of the line

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Time to find that perfect Christmas gift is quickly running out and the lines are long at most stores.

There is even a line to see Santa.

But Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted is helping parents work around the crowd with a "fast pass" system.

Meghan Boscarello and her three little girls waited a while to see the big guy and get those last minute requests in.

Boscarello and a few others say they didn't know about Santa's FastPass.

For a few extra dollars, you can purchase a pass that allows you to skip the lines and head right to the front, closer to Santa's lap.

"Basically it's like Cedar Point, you get to cut in line," said Teri Thomas, local manager of Cherry Hill Photo.

Workers say Santa's FastPass has made things smoother this season, but some customers are still confused.

"Matter of fact, we had one lady that was going crazy. She just walked right up there and I said 'ma'am, I'm sorry, she had a fast pass.' For the most part people are understanding and say, 'man, I wish I knew about that'," Thomas said.

Suzanne Lesure says as soon as she read about it, she jumped on it.

"I'm the nana and of course we have to have the FastPass because we have three handsome boys who just can't wait in line," Lesure said.

It's the first time Cherry Hill Photo has done it this way and it solves a few problems.

"Especially if you have little ones. You know standing in line they get really antsy  so if you can just wait five or six people," Thomas said.

"Yes, it was worth it, it was definitely worth it," Lesure said.

You can't do it from your cellphone, you have to do it from your desktop or laptop before you get to the mall.

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