Sen. Sherrod Brown: No one on No Fly List should have access to guns

Sen. Sherrod Brown: No one on No Fly List should have access to guns

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The shooting rampage in San Bernardino, CA that killed 14 is fueling Sen. Sherrod Brown's push for new legislation designed to stop terrorists in their tracks.

Brown (D-OH) listed the proposals he and his colleagues in Washington will work to pass in the coming year at a press conference at Cuyahoga County Community College's Public Safety Training Center in Parma.

"We need to ensure that those on the front line protecting us have the tools they need. These young police officers in training and people who have been on the police force 30 years or whatever, that they all have the tools they need to respond to threats and to root out these terrorists," said Brown.

In addition to providing gr ants to state and local law enforcement agencies to develop their anti-terrorism and active shooter training programs, a new bill would prevent those on the No Fly List at airports from buying guns.

"Nobody that's on the terrorist watch list, nobody that's on the No Fly zone should be able to get access to buy an assault weapon or any other gun. We need to close that loophole," said Brown.

Banks providing funding to ISIS and other terrorist organizations would be sanctioned.

A new office would be created to stop homegrown extremism.

One of the most important parts of the new bill: training of law enforcement on how to monitor social media to head off an attack, like San Bernardino's.

"I'm not pointing fingers at the San Bernardino Police Department or the FBI for not seeing this, but they know more to look for this now to see this kind of information they were passing back and forth on social media. They were planning this attack for some time," added Brown.

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