Cleveland teen's rise to stardom

Cleveland teen's rise to stardom

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It started with a post on Instagram less than a year ago, and now thousands of likes later and reposts; Malcolm White is a star.

"Big Boi and Mister DJ from Outkast it got their attention, they flew me down to Atlanta," said 15-year-old Malcolm White. "They really liked me and signed me to their new label Camp Purple."

The 15-year-old is a Cleveland native was born on the eastside. He has a big brother with two little sisters.

On stage the teen goes by Malcupnext and off-stage he lives a regular life.

"I really enjoy soccer, basketball, just regular kid stuff," said Malcupnext.

Now signed to Camp Purple, the Atlanta based record label is run by Big Boi one of the founding members of the Grammy Award winning Outkast.

"I went on Instagram and checked out the video out and he was jamming," Antwan Andre Patton, aka Big Boi said that in a past interview about his new artist.

Cleveland 19 sat down with Malcupnext to talk about his new single, "A lot of It", featuring Domani.

With close to 5,000 Facebook followers, more than 49,000 Twitter friends, and 204,000 followers on Instagram Malcupnext says he avoids distractions and naysayers on social media.

The teen looked anchor Tia Ewing up on social media, where she proclaims to be an amateur rapper. Malcupnext told her to put up or shut up and challenged her to freestyle.

Smart, witty, and smart beyond his years, what's next for Malcupnext.

"I see myself really giving my gift out, you know people really enjoying my music," said Malcupnext.

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