Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper comforts child scared during traffic stop

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper comforts child scared during traffic stop

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Natalie Miller-Stulley's mother, Linda Miller, was pulled over earlier this year with her grandson in the car. The little boy, Jib, became very frightened during the stop. The story could have ended there with a scared little boy and a ticket for his grandmother, but it did not.

Instead Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper, Adrian Wilson, went out of his way to make the young child feel comfortable and took the time to be sensitive to his feelings. The Trooper made such a positive impact during the traffic stop that the little boy even went as a trooper for Halloween this year.

Recently little Jib had a special holiday visitor, Trooper Wilson! The Trooper stopped by the little boy's home to deliver a special gift to the young child - a die cast OSHP cruiser.

Natalie Miller-Stulley took to Facebook to tell the story, saying she wants to share positive news about the troopers who protect us everyday.

Someone got a visitor this afternoon- Trooper Adrian Wilson made a huge impact on this little guy when he had to pull over his "Bram" Linda Miller for speeding a few months ago. Turning a negative into a positive- this gentleman has went above and beyond what his job requires- he dropped off a Christmas gift for Jib- wait for the video afterwards- soooo cute -Share away to give positive news to troopers and other men and women that work in law enforcement everyday protecting us.

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