Fighting Holiday Stress: 'Don't think you can make it perfect'

Fighting Holiday Stress: 'Don't think you can make it perfect'

. - By now, some of you may actually be tired of the holidays. Worries about shopping, parties and family are all cause for stress.

The lists seem endless at this time of the year and it can be hard to make everyone happy.

Last minute shopping can add to the stress.

"Of course when your 11-year-old tells you yesterday that he wants something for Christmas that you haven't bought yet," said Sylvia Goldsmith, laughing. "So I'm out trying to find those kinds of things."

"I'm always worried about finding the super perfect gift, so I feel like I have to go last minute from store to store because nothing is quite how it should be," said Amanda Bura.

On top of that, some people are dealing with depression or family issues.

We have some tips to keep things a little calmer.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Deborah Koricke with the Center for Effective Living says first, remember this one tip:

"Don't think you can make it perfect, because life isn't perfect."

Dr. Koricke suggests taking a breather when the pressure becomes too much.

"It helps that the weather is so great. So it would be easy to take a walk, separate to get a little distance," Dr. Koricke said.

When it comes to family time, she recommends keeping the conversation light.

"This is not the time to tell them they should have never quit school, they should have never married so and so," she said.

For some people the holidays are tough because they feel lonely and isolated.

"Maybe they're going through a separation or divorce and this is their first Christmas alone, so to speak. Maybe it's the first Christmas after someone has died that they love very much. And it's normal to realize that it is going to be very hard," Dr. Koricke said.

Koricke recommends volunteering or giving back in some way. She says helping others can help you feel better too.

"And remember, it's going to be over. In a couple days, it's over," she said.

For many people, all of the stress and running around is worth it.

"I try to get everything together and I'm stressed out the whole time, but it ends up being okay in the end," Amanda Bura said.

Experts say if you realize you took on too much, stop and reassess.


Stores are still open for last minute gifts or you can try to find something online.

And if you don't have time to make that apple pie, you can always pick one up at the grocery store.

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