Z Files: Coach Sam bashes choice of captains

Z Files: Coach Sam bashes choice of captains

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Much-maligned Browns wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was back at his old stomping ground on Sunday, returning to Arrowhead Stadium where he spent eight seasons with the Chiefs. So Browns head coach Mike Pettine made an interesting move: he named the highly-unproductive player a captain for the game, allowing Bowe to take part in the pregame coin toss at midfield.

After the game, former Browns coach Sam Rutigliano blasted the move on our "Fifth Quarter" post-game show.

"After coming in with the previous record that he had, and him doing absolutely nothing (for the Browns this season)...I think that's an insult to 52 other guys who've been giving everything they've got all year long," Rutigliano said.

Bowe, who signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Browns ($9 million guaranteed), has only five catches on the season, and missed the one throw sent his way on Sunday.

Former Browns defensive tackle Bob Golic agreed with Rutigliano.

"The guy hasn't earned it," Golic said of Bowe. "I understand if you bring in a guy, he becomes a big part of your team and you want to say 'we're gonna come back and we're gonna show you that you made the wrong choice'...that's what it is. It's all about sticking it to the other team, but unfortunately, he (Bowe) hasn't done anything. He hasn't been a part of the team."

Former Browns cornerback Hanford Dixon summed it up.

"That's another knock on the head coach."

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