Mounds of trash in East Cleveland finally being picked up

Mounds of trash in East Cleveland finally being picked up

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Residents at Forest Hill Park Apartments can stop holding their breath. Republic Services started picking up the trash Tuesday, after numerous complaints about the stench from neighbors.

"It's been here about one-and-a-half, two months to my knowledge, it just keeps building up," said neighbor Richard Wright.

"Terrible. I mean we got rats now. We got rats in the garage. We got trash up to the sky. It's ridiculous. Nobody should have to live like this," said Angel Artale, a resident who has lived there more than three years.

"Yeah it's a lot of issues going on in the buildings. Yes it is and everybody is complaining and nothing is being done," said resident Annette Humphrey.

After Cleveland 19's initial report about the trash on Sunday, East Cleveland's housing department issued a warning: clean up the trash in 24 hours.

When the garbage truck came Tuesday afternoon, workers started picking up the trash but no one wanted to talk about the situation on camera.

"Why has the trash been here so long sir?" asked Cleveland 19 reporter Sia Nyorkor.

Residents say the trash will be picked up in shifts for the next couple of days until it's gone.

"That trash was ridiculous. I'm glad they got that up but they still got other things to take care of, it's not only the trash, they got other things too," said Margita Simmons, another resident.

Ledic Realty, the management company out of Montgomery, Alabama has not returned any calls over the last several days.

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