Prisoner tries to get more 'vacations' from jail

Prisoner tries to get more 'vacations' from jail

LUCASVILLE, OH (WOIO) - What do you do with a career criminal like Robert Wolford? The man has nine felony cases in 10 years, including murder. He's a man you'll remember
not for his crimes, but for how he drew the attention of the nation to Cleveland and continues to cost taxpayers a fortune.

For years he racked up a series of cases, mostly related to burglary or drugs.

But that changed dramatically in 2007. Surveillance video captured Wolford at a laundromat washing blood off himself. It was the blood of a man he had just murdered. He was convicted and sent to prison.

Apparently he doesn't like prison very much, because since he's been locked up, he's found creative ways to get mini vacations from the maximum security
Lucasville prison.

It was Wolford who wrote a letter to then county prosecutor Bill Mason, saying he had killed Amanda Berry and buried her body at the corner of West 30th Street and Wade Avenue. It triggered a massive dig involving Cleveland Police, along with forensic experts from the FBI and BCI.

A neighbor caught pictures of police undercover vehicles bringing Wolford from Lucasville to the site. He walked to a point and told agents the exact spot he had buried Amanda.

Wolford was lying, but got out of the solitude of prison for a day or two. The expensive digging, as well as his trip, was all at taxpayers' expense.

Now Wolford has been indicted on another charge: retaliation.

He was supposed to be in court on Wednesday, but wasn't. However, he will get his free ride out of Lucasville's solitude later for arraignment.

He is accused of threatening to have a local judge killed if she did not reduce his sentence. He has intimidated others in the past and has a history of mental problems.

All of that aside, Wolford has the right to be in court for any new case he creates so it is difficult to stop his games.  Games he's playing while playing the system.

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