Sisters make a resolution to fight common disease

Sisters make a resolution to fight common disease
Ava and Stella battle Usher Syndrome (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two very special sisters, 10-year-old Ava and 7-year-old Stella Haney are particularly excited to kick off 2016.

The girls have a unique story to share about hope for this coming year.

Ava and Stella were born deaf, but when the girls were officially diagnosed with Usher Syndrome two years ago, their mother, Anna Haney did not see it coming.

"I was just shocked. You never think that there is going to be something not perfect with your child," Haney said.

Usher Syndrome is a disease that affects hearing and vision.

With cochlear devices, Ava and Stella are able to hear. An implant near their ears transmits sounds picked up by the exterior piece. Their implants allow the girls to hear things they otherwise would not be able to enjoy.

"I love Taylor Swift's music and without my cochlear's I wouldn't be able to hear Taylor Swift's music," Ava said.

But, with Usher Syndrome also comes the possibility of blindness. And that's where the girls and their mother are striving to find a cure.

It's their New Year's resolution.

"As a mom, when you find out your kids have something and they tell you there's no cure and it's rare. What do you want to do? You want to make it go away," Haney said.

This is how together they came up with the non-profit organization "Sisters for Sight" to raise money and awareness.

"The more that people know about this, the more people that want to get involved, the more money gets raised for research, and then we reach our goal," Haney said.

Ava and Stella may not know what the future holds for them, but they are hoping for others that they can play a part in curing Usher Syndrome.

CLICK HERE if you would like to help Sisters for Sight.

There is also a fund set up at any Huntington Bank branch under the name "Sisters for Sight".

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