VIDEO: Haden believes he can help Manziel off the field

Haden believes he can help Manziel

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden was asked if he believes Johnny Manziel needs to lose the off the field "stuff" to be the best he can be and if he can help him, being a friend of his.

"Yes for sure, I can be. Me and Johnny are good friends and really want the best for him, I think sometimes you got (with off the field stuff) you got to be able to kind of know who you are, what the situation is. A lot of the times Johnny isn't doing anything too bad but when you're a quarterback it's unfair how you get treated sometimes."

Haden has had to answer multiple questions about his friend and teammate Johnny Manziel over the course of Manziel's short career.

Neither player will play in the team's season finale game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Haden was placed on Injured Reserve due to multiple concussions in the season. Manziel also entered the leagues concussion protocol on Wednesday and it not likely to play.

Austin Davis will start at quarterback on Sunday. The Browns signed Pat Devlin to serve as back up.

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