Gateway Parking Garage rates increase

Gateway Parking Garage rates increase

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You may have noticed an increase in the rates for the Gateway Parking Garage. The costs went up January 1.

Legislation passed in April 2015 permitted the Division of Parking to increase parking rates and use the additional revenue to pay for lot maintenance and upgrades to parking meter technology.

The rate increase for the Gateway garage will be as follows:

Before 9:00 AM (early bird)    New fee: $5.00    Previous fee: $4.00
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM    New fee: $7.00    Previous fee: $6.00
2:00 PM – Closing    New fee: $5.00    Previous fee: $3.00
Monthly Access    New fee: $80.00    Previous fee: $70.00
Cleveland Indians Special Event    New fee: $15.00    Previous fee: $12.00
Cleveland Cavaliers Special Event    New fee: $20.00    Previous fee: $15.00
Lake Erie Monsters Special Event    No change    Previous fee: $10.00
Cleveland Gladiators    No change    Previous fee: $12.00

Events not listed above are subject to market pricing

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