Where did Johnny Manziel spend the weekend?

Where did Johnny Manziel spend the weekend?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are plenty of questions surrounding the Cleveland Browns. Who's going to be the next head coach, general manager, and what about Johnny Manziel's future?

Before the Browns final game of the season Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, reports surfaced the Browns quarterback was seen in Las Vegas Saturday night.

Employees at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas say Johnny Manziel was at a restaurant, and later playing blackjack Saturday night. It's just another scene in the Johnny Manziel movie, one documented repeatedly by videos on social media.  But is it a comedy or a tragedy?

Not long after the report appeared, Manziel posted a picture with his dog, saying it was taken in Avon on Saturday night.

There was a not so kind reaction, and he later tweeted, "Haters, #Me&MyFrenchiePug"

Since it was possible that Manziel could be returning to Cleveland on a redeye, we went to Hopkins Airport.

The only remaining arrival was a Spirit flight at 4:20 in the afternoon.

The carousels in the baggage area were empty, spinning a lot slower than the coaching carousel in Berea, where Johnny's personal baggage came to rest.

Joey Freemyer is a Browns watcher, and at the teams Berea headquarters he pointed out Johnny's $102,000 Mazda GT-R in the parking lot saying, "He
was the first quarterback in the building."

We asked fan Adam Bolinger "If you could say something to Johnny what would you say."  He answered "Um, just keep working hard you know the truth will come out, we really don't know where he was at."

When asked if he was still a Johnny believer he answered "Of course."

Clearly some fans like Adam are willing to chalk up Manziel's escapades to Johnny just being Johnny.

But don't forget a similar attitude prevailed regarding Jimmy Dimora. "It's just Jimmy being Jimmy."

In the end, he was judged harshly. Will Manziel be judged the same way by a new head coach and general manager?

Regarding the Vegas rumor fan Joey Freemyer pointed out "I think he's the only one that knows if it's true or not.  Sigh.  At this point what can you not believe."

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