Cities saving big with warmer winter

Cities saving big with warmer winter
No ice jamming up the Chagrin River (Source: WOIO)
No ice jamming up the Chagrin River (Source: WOIO)

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - A mild snowfall and even milder winter have city officials in Eastlake pleased about what higher temperatures mean to their bottom line.

Mayor Dennis Morley says they only spent 3 percent of the overtime budget for 2015.

"We've probably saved at least $30,000-$40,000 so far. We will see how it goes to the end of the year," Morley said.

Without the frequent freezing and thawing that we usually see, Morley says the city has not spent time and money worrying about ice chunks at the mouth of the Chagrin River either.

In Chardon, their overtime account has $10,000-$15,000 more than than usual in it, and they have barely scratched the surface of their salt reserves.

That, coupled with salt prices $4-$6 less per ton than last year, is boosting the city budget.

"Fortunately, we haven't had to use much salt. Today was one day and I think we had one other besides this. So we had approximately 1,400 tons out there. We probably still got 1,100 tons. So we are way ahead of the game," said Eastlake service director Nick Rubertino.

Rubertino says the city is also saving big on wear and tear of their trucks.

"We aren't spending on gas. We are not fixing blades," he said.

With the savings, the city of Eastlake plans to repair potholes in the spring, and even during the winter while the mild weather continues and snow holds off.

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