VIDEO: Browns players talk future, 2015 season, the firings and more

Joe Thomas on coaching search

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The 2015-16 Cleveland Browns season has come to an end. Browns players were at the facility Monday to clean their lockers out until training camp comes around.

The team's first round pick in the 2015 Draft, Danny Shelton was asked if he expected a coaching change at the end of the season.

"Not at all. It's rough, but at the same time, you have to know it's a business. I'm just going to continue to work with my teammates and try our best to buy into the next system that comes in. We'll see what happens," Shelton said. "Honestly, my opinion, I feel like we didn't have enough time. A lot of games we had close games and ended with not enough time for us. We had the talent, we had guys who wanted to win, but it's just a tough situation really," he added when asked why the team wasn't successful as they hoped.

Browns offensive lineman Joel Bitonio talked about the coaching and front office changes.

"It is tough. Ray (Farmer) and Pett (Mike Pettine) and all the coaches are the guys that brought me into play football in the NFL. They trusted me, and I think I am always going to have a connection with them in that sense. It is also part of the business. I hate to use what Coach Pett says, but it is pass or fail. We didn't win enough games for him. It is not just on the coaches. It is on the players. We didn't perform well enough. I think the whole thing wasn't quite good enough, and that is what happens in the NFL. You have to win quickly. I felt bad. I empathize with people, if you just lost your job like that, it is something to talk about, but it is also their families. They are kind of hurting from it. We will see how it goes. It is part of the business and I trust (Owner) Mr. (Jimmy) Haslam to get us in the right direction and hopefully put the people in place that we need to win some more ball games," Bitonio said.

Browns pro bowl safety Tashaun Gipson talked about his future with the team on Monday.

"I think that is what it comes to. It is a two-way street. These new coaches, if they want me to be here, if they feel like I fit their scheme and does this play a part in free agency. Absolutely, you look at it and say, 'Is this the type of defense that you want to be in?' I have expressed how much I want to be in the city of Cleveland. I definitely still am very profound with that. I do want to be here. At the end of the day, I do have to do what is best for me and my career. Ultimately, if the coach wants me around here, I think things will get done.  If not, then we will see how it will work out. I am just excited to get through the season healthy. The season didn't go the way we wanted. I know everyone is tired of hearing it, but we have next year. That is one of the things that as cliché as it may sound, I will be excited to be here if I am here. If not, I still will always wish and hope that the Browns have success because they deserve it," Gipson said.

Browns pro bowl offensive lineman Joe Thomas has been very vocal over the last day on the Browns organization, on Monday he was asked if owner Jimmy Haslam said anything to the team on Monday that gives him reassurance.

"Nothing yet. I think a lot of times this day after is kind of a boilerplate day. You get everybody involved," Thomas said.

"I think it remains to be seen who we bring in here and how they go about the process, who we get for a head coach and for a GM, who we get in free agency. There are a lot of things that are going to go into this process coming up here that hopefully will put us in the right direction," Thomas added on if he was confident in the coaching search.

The Browns will now look for a new head coach for the ninth time since the team returned in 1999.

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