Browns going for a Moneyball makeover

Browns going for a Moneyball makeover

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Browns are definitely swinging for the fences, and only time will tell if they hit a home run with their game plan, or strike out.

Either way, the organization has the attention of both the football and baseball worlds with their apparent attempt at a "Moneyball" makeover.

Paul DePodesta, the team's new Chief Strategy Officer, is the guy that Jonah Hill's character in the movie Moneyball was modeled after. He has impacted baseball, and now the Browns want to know if he can do it for football.

Analytics in baseball are statistic-based, but not always the conventional stats. Batting average does not carry the same weight as on-base percentage.

It does not matter how you get on base, just so you get on, and how often.

Another "Moneyball" stat is VORP: Value Over Replacement Player.

It's a way to quantify how many offensive runs one player is worth over another. It could be a run driven in, a run scored, or even a run that was scored because of something you did that would not show up in a conventional box score.

DePodesta's challenge is to find a football equivalent model for this and apply it to the Browns.

Analytics do not replace conventional scouting, but they are used as another resource along with scouting.

They are used not only to find out which players to bring in, but also how to build an infrastructure with the team to help that player perform.

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