Alert: Elderly scammed in Rocky River

Alert: Elderly scammed in Rocky River

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Rocky River police are sending out a warning to residents.

Detective Craig Witalis says a man has been calling seniors and claiming that he is the captain of the Elyria Police Department.According to

According to Witalis, one victim reported that the man told her that someone was cashing bad checks through her account and to catch the criminals the police needed her help.

"They requested that she help in the investigation and work under cover so to speak and withdraw money use it as bait," Witalis said.

The 80-year-old victim took money out of accounts at three different banks, including Citizen's Bank in Rocky River on Center Ridge Road.

Police say victim left the money at a predetermined location, and the suspect took close to $17,000.

"She left it a set location where that suspect then took the money without her present," Witalis said.

Witalis said the suspect seems to be targeting elderly widowed women.

That case in December is the only one that the police know the scammer has pulled off, but in the past week, they say the suspect has made two other attempts in Rocky River and one in University Heights.

"A police officer would never contact you and ask you to withdraw money or withdraw cash for them, or work undercover for them," said Witalis.

If you are ever contacted by someone who identifies themselves as a police officer, immediately contact the Rocky River Police Department.

DO NOT GIVE any personal information over the phone, confirm whom you are talking to by calling that police agency back to verify employment. A police officer will never ask that you withdraw cash to assist them in catching a criminal.

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