Guest Editorial: Former Coach Sam Rutigliano weighs in on Browns personnel changes

Guest Editorial: Former Coach Sam Rutigliano weighs in on Browns personnel changes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I am Sam Rutigliano, former head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Wisdom is the daughter of experience. The Browns are, once again, ignoring the past and writing the same script. They must analyze the effects of past decisions and engage a different model.

Sashi Brown has no experience, yet he has been given the title of director of football operations with the final say over the roster and a role in interviewing coaching candidates.

Hiring the coach first will prevent the team from getting the most qualified general manager candidates. Look at the history and the analytics of Hall-of-Famer Bill Polian, GM and architect of Indianapolis' Super Bowl teams led by Peyton Manning. He also built Buffalo's four-time Super Bowl team, which was anchored by Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly. Another example is Hall-of-Famer GM Ron Wolf, architect of Oakland and Green Bay's title teams, which were anchored by MVPs Jim Plunkett and Brett Favre.

The Browns must have a Field of Dreams vision: "If you build it, he will come." Talents like Jon Gruden, who is an Ohio guy and Super Bowl coach, or Bill Cowher, who played for the Browns and is also a Super Bowl coach, could be enticed to Cleveland if power brokers like Polian or Wolf were here.

New England, Green Bay, Denver -- the list goes on for franchises that rely on tried and true NFL analytics to win.

This is the direction we should go: Hire the general manager, who then hires a director of player personnel, and the two of them hire the head coach. Let's find experienced decision-makers to escape this 15-year nightmare.

Thank you.

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