Church fights to build in Lorain neighborhood

Church fights to build in Lorain neighborhood

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Some neighbors who live on East 29th in Lorain want to turn an empty lot into the Lighthouse Church.

Kenny Santiago Marrero and his family are planning their third attempt to obtain a variance from City Hall to turn what use to be an abandoned eyesore into a positive on this block.

"I want the city to know we are partner with them and we want to do for the benefit of Lorain County. We stand by their side and we are the boots on the ground," Marrero said.

Kenny's family lives right next door to the lot. An abandoned home with major issues once stood there until the family bought it and tore it down.

So far, Marrero's fight has cost him more than $1,000.

The Lighthouse Church would offer community events including a theater for plays and shows with a youth-based mission that would teach kids how to act and direct.

One supporter of the project is newly-elected City Councilman Angel Arroyo.

"The steel mill's leaving so we need to take advantage of every opportunity that someone wants to come and invest in our community," Arroyo said.

This time the folks behind the Lighthouse Church fed the neighborhood and passed out new backpacks to kids.

"We just want to give our young people an opportunity. This is a bridge," Marrero said.

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