Cleveland lands near the top of list for bed bugs

Cleveland lands near the top of list for bed bugs

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to pest control company Terminix, Cleveland ranks number three in the country for cases of bed bugs.

"This is not a sanitation issue. We treat five-star hotels, some of the swankiest apartment communities," says Chris Monachino with Terminix.

Monachino has been dealing with people's bed bug dilemmas for more than a decade and he's seen the worst of the worst.

"I've actually gone into an apartment community where you walk in and bed bugs are raining off the ceilings," Monachino said.

That's a severe infestation.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly. You can start with a dozen which will multiply into the hundreds in a short period of time.

Ohio tops the list when it comes to bed bugs, ranking third in the nation.

Monachino says that's because people travel in and out of the state to take a break from the cold, and can bring the critters back home.

There are things you can do to tackle the tiny pest.

Check the seams in your mattress and box springs. the headboards and even your nightstand.

If you spot them, let the pros take over.

"Anything from nonchemical to chemicals. We do use something called crinite. we also use steamed heat. We do heat remediation which is a dry heat that we introduce into a home or apartment unit," Monachino said.

The Cuyahoga County Health Department does not track bed bugs, but they do respond to complaints.

They received 122 complaints last year.

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