Time Life Specials on WOIO Sun. January 10th : Catch Carol Burnett, Ed Sullivan, Bob Hope & Music of your Life

Carol Burnett Lost Episodes Special @  4PM

“No one has seen the first five seasons of ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ since they were first aired – no re-runs, no web streaming, no DVDs, nothing, nowhere, zip…until now!” – Carol Burnett

For the first time on DVD, you can now own the best episodes from the groundbreaking years of Carol's beloved variety show. You'll see the first episode aired, the first performances of many of her famous characters, legendary guest stars, and show-stopping musical performances.

Best of Ed Sullivan Special @ 4:30PM

Ed Sullivan treated viewers to the the greatest talents of all time—the legends of music, comedy, stage, and screen

No one had a better eye for talent. Ed Sullivan presented an incredible array of extraordinary acts on the greatest variety show in the history of television, and now they’re gathered into one essential collection.

It’s all here—brilliant comics, Hollywood luminaries, musical performances from gospel to Broadway to pop to rock, stirring inspirational recitals, dazzling novelty acts, and a patriotic tribute to honor the nation.

Bob Hope Special @ 5PM

Bob Hope, America’s greatest entertainer of the 20th century, is celebrated in the most complete collection of his television specials ever available

Join Bob and his legendary guest stars for more than 24 hours of specials, including Bob's historic shows entertaining the troops around the globe.

Music of your Life Special @  5:30PM

It’s our most romantic collection ever, full of unforgettable melodies

Enjoy classic love songs performed by some of the most talented artists ever to grace the airwaves. These hits have touched the hearts of generations.

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