Political writer does not see Trump as nominee

Political writer does not see Trump as nominee
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A big political year is underway that will culminate in the Presidential election in November. How this year plays out is of particular interest in Cleveland as a crowded Republican Party Presidential field winds its way to the city for the Republican National Convention in July.

Who will be nominated in Cleveland? Reid Wilson a former political writer at the Washington Post and now the Chief Political Correspondent at Morning Consult says it won't be Donald Trump. Wilson made that prediction in his column, 'Ten things that will happen in Politics in 2016.'

Wilson does not believe that Trump has built the political infra-structure he needs to win.

"The moment he appears to be vulnerable, the moment he does not appear inevitable, I think you're going to see his support crumble away," says Wilson.

It will be Ted Cruz, Wilson believes, at this point, who will emerge as the winner in Iowa and start the process of eroding support for Trump.

The question becomes will Cruz have enough momentum to cruise into Cleveland and win without a fight. Wilson is not so sure, "If no candidate gets the majority of delegates on the first ballot, well, we haven't had a second ballot convention in two generations."

Wilson is not predicting there will be a second ballot convention in Cleveland but certainly he sees the potential for political chaos at the convention.

"It's going to be fascinating to watch, fascinating to see in this era of reality shows, can you imagine a better reality show than a live actual contested convention," comments Wilson.

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